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The Society notes with great sadness the passing of our dear member and benefactor Theodore Tonna in April of 1987. Mr. Tonna, originally from Bituli in what is now Yugoslavia, achieved great success as an industrialist in New England. Yet he never forgot his cultural heritage; in addition to being a prime supporter of the two main churches attended by Aromanians in America, the Greek and Romanian Orthodox, he was a pillar of the Society Farsarotul as well. His example was inspiring; even in his older years, he was always present at cultural events, along with his lovely family. We miss him dearly. May his soul rest in peace. Dumnidzau s-l llearta.

The Society Farsarotul’s 84th Anniversary Dance was held in the Tonna Center of the St. Dimitrie Romanian Orthodox Church in Bridgeport, Connecticut, on May 23, 1987. Over 100 people attended and danced all night to the American and Balkan music of the Tom Yalanis Orchestra, and several young people joined the Society. We are all looking forward to a bigger and better 85th Anniversary celebration; preliminary plans are under discussion. It will be more widely promoted, so watch for details!

We welcome with great pleasure the following new members:


James Babiana Woonsocket, Rhode Island
Robert Talabac The Bronx, New York
James B. Fatse Easton, Connecticut
Anna Chiacu Providence, Rhode Island
Peter Cheamitru Slatersville, Rhode Island
George Cicma Providence, Rhode Island
Mark Christo Monroe, Connecticut
George Moran Bridgeport, Connecticut
Nathalia Fatsi Fairfield, Connecticut
Stephen Giavara Quinebaug, Connecticut
Stefan Minovici New York City, New York
Paul Memos Roslindale, Massachussets
Caryn Balamaci Queens, New York
Barbara Shola Fairfield, Connecticut


We want to acknowledge our recent high school graduates, to whom we have also sent our customary $25. “Good Luck” check:

Just before press time we learned also of the passing of Papu Lia Bici at the age of 108. May God rest his soul in peace.

(Note: We welcome all correspondence, news, announcements, opinions, etc. Please send these to the attention of the Editor, Nicholas Balamaci. We will try to print all announcements and news if space permits, and we will answer all correspondence.)


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