The Society Farsharotu seeks to preserve the Aromanian community in America.

The Society Farsharotu is the curator of the Aromanian culture in America

America is a group of groups: It may be that every culture in the world is represented here. Within each group, there are some individuals who take an active interest in their community. We are Americans first, but we understand what we bring to American culture.

Society Farsharotu is the oldest Aromanian society in America, and consistently non-political

In an American environment, groups command respect if they can speak consistently and in the terms of reference of American culture; little is achieved by splintered groups of Europeans who simply bring Old World conflicts and terms of reference to the New World and fight among themselves.

The Society Farsharotu is an advocate for all Aromanians and it needs your support.

Every ethnic and linguistic group in America has advocates who work in behalf of the entire community. Those who are less active can keep in touch with and support their community simply by maintaining an active membership in their advocate organization.

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Membership in the Society Farsharotu is open to all, regardless of ethnicity or citizenship.

What happens after I join?

To purchase your membership, you will create an account with your login credentials. This grants you permissions to comment on articles, submit suggestions for new articles, join in the discussion in our forums, and vote at our annual meeting. You will also be emailed a PDF copy of our by-laws.

How much are the membership fees?

It is an annual subscription of $18 that automatically renews (which you can cancel at anytime).

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