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Our culture is an oral tradition, carried forward not by nations or schools or literature, but by families.

Explore our family connections here – share stories, photographs, and family trees.

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The Aromanians and Imro

The Macedonian revolutionary national-liberation movement, organized and led by the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (IMRO) has long provoked the interest of contemporaries and scholars of

My Immigration to America

To be or not to be an Aromanian?! To hide or to openly declare your Aromanian nationality?! To help a little bit for the recognition

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Am I Aromanian?

There is growing interest in genealogy, but ethnic groups without a nation of their own are easily overlooked. If you suspect you might be of Aromanian ancestry, we encourage you to become a member and then visit the Family History forum here to begin your research within our community!

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In Memoriam

One of the ways that we strive to remember those who have gone before us is by sharing photos and stories.

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America is a group of groups: Probably every culture in the world is represented here. Within each group, there are some individuals who take an active interest in cultural matters and look after culture on behalf of the wider group. We are Americans first, but we understand what we bring to American culture, too.