Other Sources on the Aromani/Vlachs & Interesting Links

All about the Vlachs (in Greek)

A journey with Greece’s last nomadic shepherds


Dini Trandu (Original Aromanian works)
Also visit Vivlioteca Armãneascã on this site, an online Aromanian Library.

The Folklore Association of Vlahs (Armani) in Veria

Franck Vogel’s Gallery of Vlach Photographs

Metsovo, Greece, Metsovo Folk Art Museum

Rrãmãnj Fãrshãrots & Gramustian LIVE RADIO Armakedon


The Vlach Connection & Further Reflections on Roman History

Council of Europe Recommendation 1333 on Aromanian culture and language

Filmu Eliza Zdru, A documentary about the Manakia Brothers

The family of the Manakia brothers

Photos of the Manakia brothers

Performing Identity: The Balkan Aromanians
(Palaiomanina – part I)  (Cogealac – part II)  (Veria – part III)

Project Avdhella