Our Language & History

In recent years, there has been an explosion of interest in our history and language.

Here you will find links to articles by journalists and academics, as well as resources including dictionaries and grammars of the Aromanian language.

An English-Aromanian Dictionary

In 2000, the Society Farsharotu funded the publication of Prof. Emil Vrabie’s English-Aromanian Dictionary in partnership with the University of Mississippi.

Dicţionarul dialectului aromân general şi etimologic, Tache Papahagi

Easily the most comprehensive dictionary of Aromanian, published a century ago by Tache Papahagi in Romania, updated there in 1963, and then digitized last year. It translates our language into Romanian and French. This version was made available by our community in Greece in downloadable and searchable form.
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dictionarul dialectului aroman tache papahagi
dictsiunararmanescu dec2008

Dictsiunar a Limbãljei Armãneascã, Tiberius Cunia

An AMAZING resource for all Aromanians in English-speaking nations: In addition to the digital version of Tache Papahagi’s definitive dictionary of our language, this 2008 publication by the late Tiberiu Cunia also adds English! It is free, downloadable, and searchable – get your copy right here today.

The Nomads of the Balkans

by Alan Wace & Maurice Thompson

The Nomads of the Balkans includes a definitive history of the Aromanians as well as an excellent grammar of the Aromanian language.

Born to Assimilate

by Nicholas Balamaci

A collection of the author’s articles, essays, academic writings, and editorials about the Vlachs over more than 25 years.

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