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Explore the history and evolution of the Society Farsharotu, from its founding to the present day, and that of the wider Aromanian community in the US and globally.

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Society Pendants over the Decades

Current Officers

Robert J. Nicola
Fr. George Coca
Nicholas S. Balamaci
George C. Fatsy

Our Past Presidents

Centennial Award5F
From left: Bill Balamaci, Nick Fatse, Dina Vanghele, Bob Nicola, Andrea Colimitra, George Fatsy, & Aurel Ciufecu

Articles Regarding Founding

History of the Society Farsarotul

While benevolent societies have existed for many centuries, the specific roots of the Society Farsarotul may lie in the guild system of Ottoman cities. Guilds

From Our Newsletter

From the Editor

“Each person, withdrawn into himself, behaves as though he is a stranger to the destiny of all the others. His children and his good friends

Community News

The Society is pleased to welcome two new members: Chris Gatz of New South Wales, Australia (he is featured in an article in this issue about the

A Report on the Aromani in Romania

AUTHOR’S PREFACE This study was conducted over 18 months ago and the following report submitted to the Society Farsarotul General Assembly in November 1992. Very

Community News

Just as we were going to press, we learned that Aromanian tennis prodigy Simona Halep, ranked number 19 in the world, who recently won the

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America is a group of groups: Probably every culture in the world is represented here. Within each group, there are some individuals who take an active interest in cultural matters and look after culture on behalf of the wider group. We are Americans first, but we understand what we bring to American culture, too.