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Explore the history and evolution of the Society Farsharotu, from its founding to the present day, and that of the wider Aromanian community in the US and globally.

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Society Pendants over the Decades

Current Officers

Robert J. Nicola
Fr. George Coca
Nicholas S. Balamaci
George C. Fatsy

Our Past Presidents

From left: Bill Balamaci, Nick Fatse, Dina Vanghele, Bob Nicola, Andrea Colimitra, George Fatsy, & Aurel Ciufecu

Articles Regarding Founding

History of the Society Farsarotul

While benevolent societies have existed for many centuries, the specific roots of the Society Farsarotul may lie in the guild system of Ottoman cities. Guilds

From Our Newsletter

A Brief History of the Society Farsarotul

The founding members were Nicolae Cican, Spiru Cican, Nasta Cican, Dina Cican, Dimitrie St. Carabina, Hrista L. Carabina, and Ilie Culetsu. As membership increased, branches

Some Extraordinary Vlachs

In the past few months, I have been thinking of some of our people who have done extraordinary things and have distinguished themselves in a wide

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, I would like to thank Helen Winnifrith for sharing her extraordinary and eye opening visit to Albania in the last Newsletter. I respected

Community News

New Members The Society warmly welcomes the following new member: Horea Hristu………………. Bridgeport, CT Deaths The Society mourns the passing of several pillars of our

From the Editor: The End of an Illusion

Of all the Newsletters we have published in our 24 years, this issue may very well be the most important, because it contains 3 remarkable

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