Community News

The Society notes with sadness the passing of member George D. Kiosse. May his soul rest in peace.

We note also some recent deaths of non-members which nevertheless touched many of us rather deeply, as these people were well-known and dear. In Woonsocket, Rhode Island: Maria Babiana and Nicola Shola. In Constantsa, Rumania: Vasilikia Balamaci Ciufecu. In Flushing, New York: Nicola Goumberis. Hristolu s’la liearta.

We welcome with great pleasure the following new members:

Marianthi Thatos Flushing, NY
David B. Shaw Fairfield, CT
Carol A. Assenza Southbury, CT
Tiberius Cunia Fayetteville, NY
William Bellas Fairfield, CT
Vasil Bellas Fairfield, CT
Elaine C. Turek Wallingford, CT
Robert L. Cipu Fairfield, CT
Jacqueline Olschan Easton, CT
Kathryn Olschan Easton, CT
Samantha Olschan Easton, CT
Matthew Olschan Easton, CT

The Society’s $1,500 grant for the research and complete inventorying of the films of the Manakia Brothers (see last issue) has been awarded to Prof. Tom J. Winnifrith of the University of Warwick in Coventry, England. Prof. Winnifrith has devoted much study to the Aromanians and recently published a book about them entitled The Vlachs: The History of a Balkan People (available through the Society Farsarotul). Results are expected within a year’s time.

To members and non-members: If anyone knows of one of our youth graduating from high school, please drop a line with that person’s name, address, and school to our Treasurer, Robert Nicola, at the Society’s Post Office Box address. The Society has a tradition of sending our high school grads a small check as congratulations. You do not have to be a member to be eligible for this, so please tell us of any grads you know of.

Over the last six months, we have offered three types of cultural events: dance classes, cooking classes, and intellectual discussions of the history and current situation of our people. (Most popular were the cooking classes—what does that mean?) We want to thank all the people who volunteered their time and energy to help us out as dance instructors, chefs, slide projectionists, and anything else; your support of the Society is deeply appreciated.


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