From the Editor

The Steve Tegu Issue

Several people complained that there was no article by Steve Tegu in the last issue of our Newsletter. This was entirely the Editor’s fault, not Steve’s, and to make up for it, we have obtained not just one but two articles from Dr. Tegu for this issue, which we dedicate to him.

Many of you wish to know more about this remarkable man. Steve is so well-known and respected in New England that The Providence Sunday Journal once did a cover story on him; the article (by Bill Reynolds) was entitled, “Steve Tegu Has Done It All at Least Once.” Perfect title.

Because Steve Tegu really has done it all. To quote just the very beginning of the above-mentioned article:

“He has been a teacher, a pilot, a photographer, a boxer, a writer, and an interpreter. He has lived and worked in 11 countries, is fluent in nine languages, holds a doctorate from a Spanish university, has been named an Outstanding Educator of America, and has been decorated by the Portuguese government for his work as a translator.

“He also once taught English to the Spanish Air Force, served as the moderator of local Portuguese-oriented television shows, flew 115 missions during the Berlin airlift after World War II, and during the great blizzard of ’78 built a full-size igloo in his front yard and lived in it for two weeks.

“He has also taught modern languages at Rhode Island College for 16 years…[and] found the time to travel more than 30,000 miles with his wife and five children through Europe and northern Africa, all seven of them traveling in a Volkswagen van, never sleeping in a hotel.”

Readers of the Newsletter of the Society Farsarotul know some further details of Steve’s fascinating life — how as a little baby he was wounded during the Balkan Wars as his mother carried him away from their village and into the mountains for protection, and how he returned to Baieasa toward the end of World War II as an American soldier and met his future bride there. You should also know that in 1978 Steve was selected as one of 12 finalists for the prestigious Jefferson Award, presented annually by the American Institute for Public Service for “greatest public service benefiting local communities.”

Throughout his long and fruitful life, Steve Tegu has been served well by his keen mind and probing intellect. We are proud to have him as a member of our community and we are fortunate that he continues to share with us his wealth of knowledge as a regular contributor to our newsletter. In 1991, he is 80 years young; on behalf of our entire community, we wish him many more years of health, happiness and the vigorous pursuit of knowledge.


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