Aromanian Language and differentiated geographic varieties

Aromanian Language and differentiated geographic varieties: A teaching approach, problems and propositions

by Evegenia Ntasiou


This contribution discusses a project to strengthen Aromanian. Aromanian or Vlach is an Eastern Romance language spoken in South-eastern Europe. Its speakers are called Aromanians or Vlachs. Aromanian has three main dialects; Pindean, Fãrshãrot and Gramustean. It is spoken by some 200,000 Aromanians in Greece and has no official status. This contribution focuses on the language teaching process that was followed by the teaching team of the Society of Aromanians of Athens (Sutsată a Armîńilor di Athina). The team opted to use Greek as the teaching language and taught the dialects and geographic varieties of the association’s members. During this process, several challenges came up: the differentiated geographic varieties of the language that complicated the teaching process; the different levels of language comprehension of the association’s members; the non-existent teaching curriculum and documentation; the absence of an official and standardized writing system.

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