The Ethnic Composition of Medieval Epirus

The Ethnic Composition of Medieval Epirus
by Brendan Osswald

Medieval Epirus was the melting pot of many migratory inluxes, whether Slav, Vlach, Jewish, Albanian or Italian. Some Greek refugees also found asylum in this province during hard times. The best documented period is that from 1200 onwards. During the last three centuries of the middle ages, we see a sense of coexistence developing between the various nationalities which was not always paciic. Ideas of nationality, however, were different then from now, and we may also observe that the different military conlicts of the period were not ethnic ones. he Greeks despised some of the other groups, but this was mainly for social reasons. At the least, we may say that armies and aristocracies–those fields which we know best, thanks to our sources – were predominantly mixed.

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The Ethnic Composition of Medieval Epirus


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