Aromanian Zoonymica from Kleisoura (prefecture of Kastoria)

Aromanian Zoonymica from Kleisoura (prefecture of Kastoria)
by Nikolaos Siokis

The animal denominations of Kleisoura remained uninvestigated up till the present
times and we should seek the causes of that in the difficult rendering from the Aromanian
language that is spoken in the townlet even today. We should also seek causes
in the weakness of many researchers, who do not know the language, to approach
such a subject. Kleisoura (also Vlacho-Kleisoura) is located in the borders of Kastoria’s
prefecture with those of Florina’s and Kozani’s and is situated at an altitude of
1275 metres on the mountain Mouriki. Today the population of Kleisoura is about
three hundred.

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