Books, Videos, & CDs Available Through the Society Farsharotu


I’m Not Famous, but I’m Aromanian by Toma Enache. The first full-length movie ever made in Aromanian. The award-winning, historic film has now been released as a DVD (with subtitles). $20.

The Nomads of the Balkans by Wace & Thompson. The classic 1913 work on the history and the culture of the Aromanians. Included is a basic grammar of the Aromanian language, complete with glossary. Every Aromanian should own a copy of this book. Paperback reprint. $15.

The Vlachs: The History of a Balkan People by Tom J. Winnifrith. The first book in English about our people in 75 years, this work provides a sketch of our entire history right through to the 1980s, which found us on the verge of extinction. A landmark book. Paperback reprint. $15.

An English-Aromanian Dictionary by Prof. Emil Vrabie. The first attempt to create an English-Aromanian dictionary, sponsored by The Society Farsarotul. Hardcover. $60.

Born to Assimilate? Thoughts about the Vlachs by Nick Balamaci. A collection of the author’s articles, essays, academic writings, and editorials about the Vlachs over more than 25 years. Paperback. $15.

Cantitsi Farsheroteshti by George A. Padioti. An impressive collection of songs of the Albanian Vlachs. Written in Aromanian, with sections in Greek. Paperback. $15.

Cantitsi Armaneshti di-Aminciu by George A. Padioti. Songs from the largest and most important Vlach settlement, Aminciu, known as Metsovo. In Aromanian and Greek. Paperback. $15.

Puizii Aleapti by George Perdichi. As the title notes, these are selected poems by George Perdichi, who migrated to the U.S. but never forgot his native Perivoli. In Aromanian. Paperback. $10.

Farsherotsii by Constantin Colimitra. A unique and very personal work about the small Albanian Vlach tribe with a global diaspora. In Romanian. Paperback. $10.

This Is Dina’s Story by Constantine ‘Dina’ Vanghele. Witten shortly before his death in 2014, this brief autobiography focuses on the author’s wartime odyssey from Albanian village to the US. Paperback. $10.

The Unwritten Places by Tim Salmon. A deeply insightful and empathetic look at traditional Vlach life and what has become of it today in Greece. Paperback. $15.

Doda by Marcu Beza, translation into Aromanian & introduction by Tiberius Cunia, English translation updated by Nick Balamaci. An entertaining, informative novel about an Aromanian family. Paperback. $10.

Dhiava by Tim Salmon and Cirrus Films. A documentary about the current state of the annual migration of Vlach shepherds from mountain to lowland pastures. VHS. $35.

Farsarotul Favorites by Nick Zallas and the Odyssey Orchestra. A modern, high-quality recording of well-known Aromanian songs, sung in our language. CD or tape. $15.


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