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Aromanian Cultural Society Farsharotu*

The oldest and largest Aromanian association in America.

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About the Society

Founded in 1903 by Nicolae Cican, the Society Farsharotu is the oldest and largest Aromanian association in America.

There were two main purposes for its creation: humanitarian, to help our people in need of assistance, both new arrivals here in America, as well as widows, orphans, invalids, and the impoverished in the old country; and cultural, to preserve Aromanian culture for as long as possible, by acting as a focal point for our cultural activities together.

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America is a group of groups: Probably every culture in the world is represented here. Within each group, there are some individuals who take an active interest in cultural matters and look after culture on behalf of the wider group. We are Americans first, but we understand what we bring to American culture, too.